Buying a home is an important purchase. Once the deeds and mortgage documents are signed, the property is yours, so you think but it may not be. Chances are, you are the owner but a sure title is not having a deed in hand. A deed alone will not cancel prior “rights” others may have to your property- rights and claims you would never expect to exist. Their closers are all licensed title producers or attorneys familiar with today’s cutting-edge mortgage loan products. They see to it that your property is protected by the policy subject only to its term. If a flaw in the title is discovered, the company and its underwriters will defend at their own expense the title and will correct or clear the title or will pay any loss incurred. Bartech Title Agency offers knowledgeable and professional settlement and escrow agents for dozens of national, regional and local lenders.

Closings are available statewide, evenings and weekends. Protection of your property rests on the financial stability, professional integrity and responsible management for the title insurance company. So select your title insurance as carefully as you would any other insurance. Protect yourself against loss due to title defects. Insist on an owners’ title insurance policy issued through Bartech Title Agency.

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